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oily, dry, combination and normal skin types. find out from Nyon Derma

How to determine your skin type

Do you know your skin type? When I ask people what their skin type is, I usually get three answers; 1) I don’t know: This category of people either have no idea there are types of skin or do not know how to identify their skin type. 2) Fair/ dark/ caramel: This is so common […]

overcome emotional impact of acne

6 Ways to Overcome the Emotional Impacts of Acne

Most people with have acne the misconception that anyone who looks at their faces is judging them. And this thought alone, repeated a thousand times in a person’s mind, can push one into depression, low self-image and isolation. Acne has been a part of humankind since antiquity and for centuries, efforts have been made and […]

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