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overcome emotional impact of acne

6 Ways to Overcome the Emotional Impacts of Acne

Most people with have acne the misconception that anyone who looks at their faces is judging them. And this thought alone, repeated a thousand times in a person’s mind, can push one into depression, low self-image and isolation.

Acne has been a part of humankind since antiquity and for centuries, efforts have been made and are being made to prevent and treat it. It is a common physiological evidence of puberty that usually ceases during adulthood. But for conditions like, stress, hormonal imbalance and medication, it continues to plague certain young adults for many more years more their prime.

Pimples, blackhead, dark spots etc., that categorize acne, are most at times viewed as a physiological challenge only without acknowledging its dire impact on the emotions. Research shows that patients with moderate-to-severe acne suffer more emotionally than physically.

Although it is not a threat to life, the condition has highly impacted people psychologically in the form of poor body image, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts, social phobia disorder (SAD), social or even sexual dysfunction, reduced employment opportunities etc.

Thankfully, there are many ways to shift a patient’s mood to positive vibration to lift from a degrading emotional state. Here are some of them;


Since acne is the cause of the emotional turmoil, the first place to start is to tackle the cause.

You may stat treatment with over the counter products that are made with natural ingredients like zinc, aloe vera and salisylic acid to minimize inflammations, stop excess oil production, keep skin hydrated and in effect, treat the acne. Nyon Derma’s acne free products (set available) are potent in controlling acne.

Don’t forget the key to satisfactory results are patience and consistency. It may take 6-8 weeks to notice visible result and consistency during this period is very important in achieving lasting and satisfactory results.


Getting quality rest, drinking lot of water, exercise and healthy dieting are some great habits that will improve your mood and also help your skin. Wear nice perfume, dress elegantly, wear makeup to cover up if needed.

An overall self care is needed in uplifting your mood and shifting your focus.


Following guided meditation, practicing breath work, doing yoga and other mental exercises have proven to reduce anxiety and depression. You can also make a play list of music that calms you up to help relax your nerves.

These are effective because the negative emotions associated with your acne are coming from your mind and calming it will make you feel better.


How you feel about your acne can push you to go silent about the issue, however, talking about it and how it affects you necessary. Talk to family, a friend who has similar condition or is kind enough to hear you out about it. Find an online group or social media page that is open and positive about the topic.


You night want to see a dermatologist if acne persists after several months of using great products for a closer look into the condition. Also consider seeing a therapist or counselor if find yourself in extreme agitation, sadness, prolonged self isolation, or won’t do things you normally like to do.


You are not alone and you are not doing anything wrong. About three out of four people over 20 get acne sometime in their adult lives and you will be free from acne.

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