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5 things to never do to your face

5 Things To Never Do To Your Face

These 5 things are skin care taboos that are keeping you from seeing results.

If you have any type of skin issue, then you’ve probably spent many years trying to figure out how to improve your skin’s health. Whether you deal with a chronic or acute issue, your quality of life has definitely been negatively affected. The skin serves an important function to the body and it’s imperative that we take care of it.

Most people are extremely concerned about their face when it comes to skin health, and let’s face it (pun intended), your face is your introduction to the world. That’s what everyone sees first when they meet you and for this reason, there are so many products targeted to improving facial skin quality.
As important as good products are to healthy facial skin, you also have to pay attention to habits that could be a detriment to seeing good returns from the products you use. So in this article, I will give a list of things you should not do to your face, for any reason. Resist the urge and build new habits to combat these detrimental ones.

For this article, we will help you understand why these 5 habits are taboos to face care.

  1. Don’t apply body products on your face.
  2. Don’t use your bath towel on your face.
  3. Don’t sleep in your makeup.
  4. Don’t over scrub your face.
  5. Don’t touch your face too much.

1. Don’t apply body products on your face.

So here’s the deal: your face skin is more sensitive than your body and the skin is also thinner. This means, not all products that work for your body will be good for your face. Although your body and face might have similar issues, it’s advisable to use products specially formulated for the face.
For one, to know is your skin is very sensitive to hormonal changes. This changes can cause either overproduction or underproduction of oil on the face, which can lead to blemishes. Since the face has more oil glands per square inch than any other part of the body and has thiner muscle sheets, using specifically formulated products like Nyon derma facial care products is the best way to protect, nourish and beautify your skin.

Another thing, your face is the part of you exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. You need products that either have SPF as part of its formulation or apply solo sunscreen directly. NyonDerma’s Acne Free Face Cream provides protection from UV rays with its SPF 25.

Your face is also sensitive because the skin layers are not as thick as the rest of the body. It’s therefore easily damaged. Products for the face should have ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Anything that is too drying is a no. The pH of the skin is also easily affected so it’s great to use products that are specifically formulated to match and maintain pH. This may not matter so much for the body but it will greatly improve the overall health of your face skin.

2. Don’t use your bath towel on your face.

So this should be a no-brainer, but let me break it down all the same. Imagine using a towel that you use to wipe your pits and between your cheeks to wipe your face too. No matter how often you wash your towel or how many you have in rotation, it’s just better hygiene to have specific towels for your face. Since its best practice in a skin care routine to wash and treat your face separately from your body, it just makes sense to have a towel on hand specifically for your face.
Your face skin is already so sensitive and you wouldn’t want to introduce bacteria from another part of your body into tits delicate tissue.

3. Don’t sleep in your makeup.

This should go without saying but people are still doing this due to low self esteem, lack of confidence or just feeling too tired to take down their makeup before dozing off.
There are lot of reasons sleeping in makeup is not good. You could have more break outs or even make your acne worse as the makeup clogs your pores. You could also develop an infection if the makeup gets into your blood through broken skin. You could develop a rash or other blemishes.

Your skin needs to breathe, and cleaning off your makeup after a long day of wear can allow this. Your skin can also repair itself better as you sleep. Even better, you can build a routine of cleaning off the makeup and applying lightweight moisturizer like the Aqua Glow overnight cream to nourish and exfoliate your skin.

So just don’t do it. Master the courage and take down your makeup tonight.Its the best way to heal your skin and the beginning to positive self esteem.

4. Don’t over scrub your face.

The first thing that most people think of when they hear exfoliation is physical SCRUM. While it is a great way to clear dead skin cells from the body, it is a NO-NO when it comes to face care. Yes, there are many popular brands that market facial scrubs as a way to exfoliate skin, but no matter how micro the particles for exfoliation are, they will cause breaks in your skin’s protective barrier and in time, will lead to serious problems.

What do you use then, if you CANNOT use scrubs?

Your answer is CHEMICAL EXFOLIANTS. These are mainly skin-loving acids that gently and gradually clear dead skin cells from skin surface to reveal, younger, brighter, smoother and more healthy skin. They are mainly AHAs and BHAs like lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. And what’s more, they provide antioxidants to relief your skin of environmental stresses and as such keep it healthy for longer.

The acne Nyon Derma Aqua glow overnight cream is once again the savior of this skin taboo. It contains lactic acid and kojic acid which are great chemical exfoliants for clearing acne scars, sunburn and uneven skin tone.

5. Don’t touch your face too much.

In 2022, this should be a mantra for you as covid 19 made us all aware of the importance of keeping our hands from our faces.

You use your hands for pretty much everything and pick up uncountable bacteria and other germs in the process. These pathogens are easily transferred to the skin and could enter broken skin layers to cause breakouts or other infections like eczema.
Save yourself the pain and learn to not touch your face, unless you have to scratch an itch
(there’s a right way to do this) or apply a product. If this is difficult for you, build the habit of
washing your hands often, or even carrying around hand sanitizer to deal with the germs. Or do
both. If you like, you can carry around a handkerchief specifically for opening doors or handling
items. Develop habits that work for you and stay on top of them.

Here are my five facial care taboos for a start. Which one of these are you struggling to overcome?

Do you have a cool facial care hack to help others? Kindly share with us in the comment section.

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