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The Intense Repair lotion is a healing and moisturizing face and body lotion that is formulated to gently care and treat various skin blemishes. It is a 20% urea treatment lotion for repairing dry, scaly, itching, and cracked skin.

Nyon Derma repair lotion

It has proven to tract Tinea Vesicolor, eczema, back-acne/ body acne, fish scale skin, calluses, hard, dry and scaly skin. If you have a dry and unattractive skin, this is the lotion for you.

Read more about Tinea versicolor here.

understanding tinea vesicolor and trating it with Nyon Derma
Intense repair lotion for deep healing

Main Benefits:

Repairs: tinea vesicolor, fish scale skin disease, psoriasis, eczema and other skin blemishes are soothed and cleared with the intense repair lotion. The 20% urea and vitamin E present in the intense repair lotion work together in repairing damaged skin cells.

Soften and smoothens: with glycerin and urea, all hardened skin lesions on the foot, elbows and knees are made soft smooth. Be ready to enjoy he most supple and soft skin ever as you use this lotion.

Moisturize: with the intense repair lotion, skin is kept hydrated all day long to keep it from cracks and infections.

Before and After of Using Intense Repair Body Lotion to Treat Tinea Versicolor.

Active Ingredients:

Urea: breaks down accumulated keratin on skin surface to promote new skin cell growth. It provides deep moisture for very dry and cracked skin. Urea soothes irritation, increases how deeply products penetrate the skin.

Oat Mill: is much more beneficial in dry and itchy skin, because of its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It also provides a cooling and soothing effect for skin.

Glycerin: is a great humectant that traps moisture into skin to keep skin turgid and plump. It also softens and moisturizes


Use with Honey + Glycolic acid body wash for better absorption.

Combining the nyon derma intense repair lotion and the honey + glycolic acid body wash for healthy skin
Combine the Nyon Derma intense repair lotion and the honey + glycolic acid body wash for healthy skin


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